What do I need to stream? - We have the answer

Have conditions beyond your control forced you to close your church or place of business and now you need to come up with alternative video solutions?

Are you looking to upgrade your Audio/Video system and need some assistance with your vision?

Do you need a quick and easy turn-key system so that you can stream your worship service effectively and efficiently to reach your members?

Well, look no more.  TMT Multimedia can come up with several options for you.

Live Stream Examples:

Videocamera, Computer, Streaming software, Video Capture Device ~ $3,300

Videocameras(s), Computer, Laptop, Video Switcher, Audio Mixer, Streaming Software, Presentation Software, Video Capture Device ~ $5500


The camera you decide to use is not important unless you are concerned about quality.  The only requirement of your camera is that it have a video output (typically HDMI) to send to your streaming destination.  Some cameras, like the Mevo Plus, shown below, have streaming capabilities already built in.  This eliminates the need for any encoders, computers, or software.  You simply stream directly from the camera.

Encoders and Video Capture Devices

An encoder or capture device converts your camera signal to a format that your computer can recognize for streaming.  There are a number of encoders/capture devices (both hardware and software based) such as OBS, Wirecast, Blackmagic Web Presenter, Epiphan Video and Magwell USB Capture Get 2.  The hardware option you choose depends on the computer you are using.​


Your computer or laptop should meet these minimum requirements:​

- 16gb RAM. (32gb preferred)

- 500mb of HD space (1 TB preferred)

- NVidia GTX 1060 graphics card or better

- Windows Intel I& 8th generation or better (or Apple equivalent)

- Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro or Davinci Resolve (iMovie if you shoot video on your iPhone or Ipad)

Streaming Destinations

There are many different platforms to communicate with.  The number one recommended streaming platform is YouTube.  YouTube will allow you to stream for free if you have an account in good standing.  If you are creating a fresh account, it may take up to 24 hours for live streaming service to be available.  Other free options are Facebook (Live) and Periscope.  You can also embed a live feed into your website.​

*Disclaimer: Reliable internet service (Hardline or WiFi) is required.

Software Based Options

1-Videocamera(s), Wirecast software, Computer. 

2-Switcher, Videocamera(s), Wirecast software, Computer

Hardware Based Option

1-Switcher, Videocamera(s), Web Presenter/Video Capture Device, Two Computers, Presentation Software

To get started with any of these options, please contact us by clicking here