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Wedding Videography

At TMT Multimedia, we specialize in capturing weddings and other special occasions in pristine HD video. We aim to capture your spectacular day in a unique and special way. Below are a list of our packages.

Package A - Ceremony+Reception : Approx. 1.5 hrs long - $750
Package B- Full Day Plus Highlight Video : Covers videographer (each) at Bride's and and Groom's Setup. Two videographers at the Wedding Ceremony, video coverage of your photo session after the wedding and the Full Reception. This package also includes Highlight Video to be shown at your wedding - $2,500
Highlight Video : Approx. 3-4 minutes long. Normally billed separately - $300. Filmed ahead of time. Tell your engagement story to show at your wedding. 
Our pricing varies depending on many factors including time of the year, collection, a la carte items, locations, travel time, length of coverage, etc. Let’s just say that collections can range from $500 to $3,500. Each collection is designed around the clients interest and time that we think is required to tell the story properly. After we chat with you about key factors like location, coverage, timeline, etc. we can start to design a budget for your event.
• 1/3 of the balance to secure TMT for your date.
• 1/3 of the balance due a month before the event.
• 1/3 of the balance due on delivery of final video.
All films are delivered in  DVD format and on a custom flash drive. Your wedding will be posted online for your access.

We cannot start post production on your film until payments is received so this will delay the turn around time. If the delay is substantial, we return all data to client and close the project permanently.
Feature films take 4 weeks, Highlight films take 2 weeks.
Let us have creative control and we will blow your mind. We can give you advice along the way to help create the perfect masterpiece film for you. This includes, planning, handling your formalities, time-line scheduling, communication with other vendors, music, and more.
We are available worldwide but after 90 mins. to first location there are travel fees. Destination weddings usually start about 4 hours from our Birmingham studio. Once the event is considered a destination wedding, travel fees and hotel rooms are customized depending on the crew. A true destination wedding generally runs almost double the price of a local wedding because of key factors like travel expenses, hotel fees, and overall time required to travel and film.
Our highlight reels are 3-4 minute story vignettes that are designed to be shown at the wedding. 
Yes. Highlight Film is added to package B. Some clients may want just the highlight video.
How is music chosen?
Choosing music is a very complicated and important part of the editing process. If this is not handled delicately, a great film can be ruined by forcing music that does not work. In hollywood movies, there is a person called a Music Supervisor who determines what styles of music is used during the film. We always suggest to let us take the role as music supervisor and craft the soundtrack of the film. If you have ideas for music, we always welcome them. We use royalty free music from Musicbed and similar sources for highlight films.
Address: 1627 26th Avenue South , Birmingham, AL, 35209

Phone: 205-607-2107

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